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ALVA MADI Cable-Drum and roadcase Fibre Optic RME

Condition: Refurbished
Price: $1,099.00

ALVA MADI Cable-drum is a professional 4-fibre SC to SC Optical Multicore for MADI use on stage, broadcast, TV etc in a good value. 

MCD-cables are extremely flexible, crush and impact resistant. 

Alva have designed a simple but effective MADI-cable system for all mobile applications, with splash-water protection, traction relief and easy-handling.

Available lengths:

  • 100 m = Part No. MCD-100
  • 150 m = Part No. MCD-150
  • 300 m = Part No. MCD-300
  • *Other lengths available on request.

Applicable with the following RME devices:

  • all RME products with optical MADI I/O

Mechanical & Enviromental Properties:

  • Weight: 4 kg / km
  • Tensile Load: 600N [EN187000/501(IEC 60794-1-E1)]
  • Min. Bend Radius: 20x Outer Ø [EN187000/513(IEC 60794-1-E11)]
  • Operating Temperature: -50 to + 80 C [EN187000/601(IEC 60794-1-F1)]
  • Crush Resistance: 2000N [EN187000/504(IEC 60794-1-E3)]
  • Impact Resistance: 200 impacts / 1 N.m [EN187000/505(IEC 60794-1-E4)]
  • Flexing Resistance: 2000 cycles [EN187000/509(IEC 60794-1-E8)]
  • (Based on military standards MIL-C 85045)
    • Type: Multimode, 50µm / 125 µm
    • Length: 100 m (MCD-100) / 150 meter (MCD-150) / 300 meter (MCD-300)*
    • Fibre count: 4, each with captive dust-protections Overall transport and splash-water protection with a handy pull-out applet
    • Secondary Coating: 900 µm
    • Fibres Identification: Colours, Numbers
    • Strength Members: Aramid Yarns
    • Outer Jacket: Polyurethane
    • Outer Jacket Colour: Dark-Green
    • Diameter Cable: 5,2 mm
    • Applications: Broadcast, PA, Mobile Recording
    • Cable-Drum: Schill GT-310 RM (MCD-150) / Schill GT-380 RM (MCD-300)
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 36cm x 27cm x 23cm (MCD-150) / 49cm x 31cm x 29cm (MCD-300)
    • Weight: 4,9 kg (MCD-150) / 10,3 kg (MCD-300)
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